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Ufh-trier.de wants your best work.

We want our authors to share their tips and tricks, and we’ll help you. How to convert a concept into valuable content

We prioritize excellent content. We’d love your input. Share your recent projects and lessons. We’re sure you have some successful and unsuccessful writing suggestions.


This guide explains everything. Before writing, read it. It improves your idea’s prospects.

Who Submits Articles?

You. We welcome both new and seasoned writers. We value your content. Just a concept. Show us an outline if you want to share anything with our audience. We’ll then help you write and edit your content.

How Do We Publish Articles?

We focus on home renovation, business, finance, vehicle, lifestyle, technology, family/parenting, travel, and entertainment. We want articles like these:

• Tutorials — Want to assist others?

• Opinion — Do you have research to support a strong opinion on our industry? They’re good conversation starters.

• Ultimate Guides – Can you write long articles? You may construct a reference item.

What did you or your firm learn from a project? These articles offer practical lessons. These stories are great.

Not Published:

  • We don’t publish content-marketing-style pieces. We ignore syndicated or unoriginal content.
  • We appreciate you sharing your company’s experience. We reject articles with product links or how-to guides.
  • Instead of selling to our audience, think about what you’ve learned.
  • Press releases and product reviews don’t interest our readers.

Who Publishes?

  • Consider your reader educated when writing. Great at writing beginner-level tech articles. Assume our readers are web-savvy.
  • We aim for realistic, real-world guidance and a well-researched viewpoint.

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